Jared Appleton

Covid-19Surge is a tool used currently to predict potential demand for hospital based needs. It is used to calculate possible numbers for items that are required to treat the uprising patients so they are ready to treat them when such occurs. It is also stated that this data sheet is NOT used to detect what will occur in the pandemic. They are estimates, any construction company would know estimates are not spot on accurate and are typically known to be higher or lower ranging on mistakes. 

To this day, there is a platform meant specifically for predicting and charting current covid 19 cases. This data based spreadsheet is called Covid-19Surge. Data collected and processed from hospital administrators and public health officials is inputted into the spreadsheet to help estimate future demands for hospital based services. In simple terms, it is a tool used to estimate demand for hospital services during Covid19 pandemic. Now, what exactly are all the hospitals demanding for services? Estimate number of future patients, number requiring ICU care, and the number of patients requiring ventilator support. “COVID-19Surge is a spreadsheet-based tool that hospital administrators and public health officials can use to estimate the surge in demand for hospital based services during the COVID-19 pandemic… A user of COVID-19Surge can produce estimates of the number of COVID-19 patients that need to be hospitalized, the number requiring ICU care, and the number requiring ventilator support.” These quotes specifically explain what the spreadsheet is used for and its purpose. 

However, Cocid-19Surge does not provide accurate predictions for the pandemic. “The numbers generated through Covid-19Surge are estimates. They DO NOT reflect what will actually occur during the pandemic. Rather, they are estimates for a given set of scenarios.” This quote explains that people should not rely on the spreadsheet as accurate information for future reference for the pandemic. The spreadsheet is meant only to help  hospitals to prepare for future uprises in covid cases in their region. All of this information is presented by the CDC.