2020 Indoor Track and Field Season

Averie Bowman and Shawna Ruth

It is rare that a high school is privileged enough to have their own indoor track. Therefore the majority of the indoor track meets are held at colleges and universities. During the pandemic colleges and universities are experiencing enough trouble as it is trying to keep all students and staff healthy. Because of this they decided it would be best not to hold high school Indoor Track and Field meets at their facilities. Although this is a let down for many high school athletes, it is important to understand that schools are doing everything they can to keep everyone safe. 


As covid numbers continue to rise school sports have encountered an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. With this, many TRHS student athletes are saddened to face the harsh reality that their sports season is in jeopardy. For seniors, missing out on an entire season of making memories and a deafening loss of eligibility for most players looking to continue their sports at the college level. Specifically, the Timberlane Regional High School Track and Field team has experienced a heartbreaking loss with the cancelation of their season. As grief-stricken student athletes come to terms with this decision, many understand the importance of keeping the community safe in hopes to flatten the curve.


During these difficult events the Indoor Track and Field team has persevered and decided to develop a different approach. As the coaches Woodworth, Dionne, and Behan wanted to provide athletes with the same intensity workouts and exercise opportunities they created a running and workout club. Track developed this idea to provide the opportunity to train with the absence of the winter season. Students will be presented with the opportunity to train long distance with coach Behan each day after school excluding fully remote days. If long distance is not your style on both Tuesdays and Thursdays sprinters will be practicing following the conclusion of the school day. 


To gain an insight into this situation we decided to get a perspective from a three year varsity member of both the Indoor and Outdoor track and field team, Katelyn Giangregorio. She states, “I’m very upset about the season being cancelled. I was really looking forward to it because we have already lost so much this year. I was hoping to make it to the state championships as a senior but there is no possibility for that now”. This is very disheartening to hear. One can assume that Katelyn isn’t alone in her feelings about the winter season. Like Katelyn, another three year varsity member, Kerry Gannon, is upset over the meets being canceled, however states, “I have really enjoyed being able to continue running with the distance crew and go on runs and do some workouts to be able to still prepare with hopes for a spring season”.


Ourselves have had the pleasure of participating in both the Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field team for the past four years. As three sport athletes were deeply involved within the TRHS athletic community, participating in sports such as field hockey, cheerleading, and lacrosse. With the cancellation of our season, sorrow consumed our mindset. As seniors we never thought that it would be the last time high jumping, hurdling, and running the relay races. Personally, I would run another track workout on a cold winter day if it meant I could compete in a race one last time.  However, it is not easy to come to terms with this decision but we can express gratitude for the memories made in years past.