Why are Dogs Man’s Best Friend?


Photo Courtesy of Kelly Blackadar

Nick Pallaria

“We can learn so many things from a dog’s behavior, personality, demeanor, resiliency and most importantly, their willingness to provide their family with unconditional love, loyalty and companionship down to the very last breath.”  Berny Parent for Philly.com

Dogs are man’s best friend because they can do anything with you and they would go everywhere with their owner because they always want to be with somebody. Dogs always have their owners back, they know your emotions. They can be good motivational tools to get you up and out the door for a walk. They will never leave you hanging, they are always happy to see their owners and want their owners to be happy too. Dogs are loyal and loving. Dogs know your emotions, they know when you are sad or happy and they will try to make you happy when you are not. 

According to Gwynn Guilford of QZ.com, it was between 11 and 16 thousand years ago, when people were still hunting and gathering dogs became man’s best friend. The dogs helped the men hunt so they had food for themselves and their families. Man realized dogs were hard working and willing to help with anything. 

My own dog is Golden Retriever, Buddy is my best friend. He is a very good dog, he is nice, he listens most of the time. He loves to play with tennis balls and he loves treats. He likes to watch movies with me and everytime I go outside he wants to come with me. He loves to play fetch but he hates to bring the ball back. He also loves to go to the beach. He loves to chase seagulls and chase his tennis balls into the ocean. He really likes to swim after them. Buddy even comes on the paddle board with me awhile but it’s only a matter of time before he jumps off into the water. He does all these things to be with me and provides his unconditional love to make me happy. 

We rescued Buddy ten years ago when he was about 1.5 years old from Blackstone, Massachusetts. His story is sad, two men were seen throwing a refrigerator box off a bridge into a river, two bystanders saw and ran down to see what was in the box as the people who threw the box ran away. The bystanders called the police and the box was brought to shore, inside the duct taped box was Buddy. He was in the box with rocks and was soaking wet, these people tried to drown him. He was then cleaned up and sent to the Animal Control Center. At the time we were looking for a Golden Retriever so we headed to Blackstone and met Buddy for the first time. He was scared of us at first but once we gave him a treat he really liked us. After about 6 weeks of evaluations Buddy was able to come home to us. It took a little bit of time for Buddy to trust and love us but it wasn’t long at all and he became our best friend. Since we rescued Buddy he trusts us and always wants to please us. I feel Buddy appreciates that we rescued him.