New Celtics Look


Photo courtesy of NBC Sports

Michael Pagliuso

The Boston Celtics have been a very solid team through the years and continue to compete deep into the playoffs.  Last year, the Celtics fell to the Heat in the Eastern conference finals without a full potential Hayward playing. Led by their young all star, Jayson Tatum, the Celtics have a clear shot at another playoff run this year and potentially a championship.

This offseason, they have made some changes for the better.  To start, they traded Gordon Hayward to the Hornets for a trade exception which grants them almost $30 million to sign free agents or make trades. Aside from the loss of Gordon Hayward, the Celtics have signed a couple new veterans including a much needed guard in Jeff Teague.  With Kemba Walker (the Celtics starting point guard) out for the beginning of the season, the team will definitely benefit from Teague’s arrival.  Teague is a great ball handler and shooter that will fit in with the Celtics small ball playstyle.  

Along with the new guard, they also signed Tristan Thompson, a rebounding machine and defensive upgrade.  Tristan Thompson was the starting center on the 2016 Cavaliers that made arguably one of the best comebacks in NBA history after being down 3-1 against the 73-9 Warriors.  Tristan will help a lot with center rotations especially with Enes Kanter gone. Thompson said, “If I can come and be a part of helping get them over the hump, that would be an honor.” referring to becoming a championship contending team.

The Celtics also selected two new players from this year’s NBA draft.  Aaron Nesmith stands out in particular and was listed as the best shooter in the draft.  Payton Pritchard was also selected with their second pick.  He is a quick guard that can score and will be exciting to see come off the bench and produce some points.

Overall, the Celtics are a very solid team and have championship potential if everybody stays healthy.  They have amazing scorers, a great defense, and one of the deepest benches in the NBA. The Celtics are not done shopping either, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some late moves by the Celtics before the season starts.