Do Not Read If You Are Scrooge


Photo Courtesy of Aryana Anthony

Aryana Anthony

It’s that time of year again! For the overplayed Christmas music, the fruitcake no one eats, the awkward thank yous for gifts you do not like, and the 20lbs gained each week. Trying to pick out gifts gives everyone a headache including myself. Each year, months before December I think of what I should get people and I always struggle. But not this year! I asked students for gift advice and ideas to make this year a little bit easier given the year we have all had. 

It is always nice to do something for your parents. To help others out I asked for some gift ideas for parents. Student Lena Bonanno said, “A blanket or something homemade because it is the thought that counts. Or something small that they have been needing or wanting”. Some other suggestions given by Maria Heim were, “A robe, spa gift card, golf balls, workout clothes, and jewelry”. For the class of 2021, Emma Antkowiak said, “ College apparel especially if you are going to play a sport”. Lastly, fellow journalism student Zach Gleason said, “Tools for dads and any seasonal or holiday decorations for moms because they go crazy over that”.

The people who think of their friends during the holiday or somehow have extra money from buying ice coffee every day are the real ones. Our STUCO VP Maria Cioto said, “A picture of you and your friend in a picture frame is always classic”. We also got some advice from freshman Leah Morrier, “A candle is always a go too when giving any gift especially for friends”.

We all have those annoying siblings that probably do not deserve anything, but like I said it is the season of giving. Another suggestion from Maria Heim was, “Blankets, lotion, beach toys, socks, movies, or a subscription to something”. Something that I have given my brother in the past is an AirPods case because he is always dropping it. Student Emma Antkowiak again said,” A gift card to their favorite store, coffee shop, or gas card is always good too”.

I also asked students for ideas for anyone who is family or non-family to give ideas so we can have advice for others looking for inspiration. Maria Cioto again said, “For anyone looking to give their grandma a gift I suggest a coffee mug because they will always use it and appreciate it”. Student Lena Bonanno has been so helpful in giving advice she even gave more and said, “ For anyone that has a dog you can give them dog toys or a clay imprint of their dogs paw which is very thoughtful. Also for stepmoms, Pjs and fuzzy socks are great. My stepmom suggested these when I asked her.

There you have it Owls. So many gift ideas to help you with your Christmas shopping. After interviewing students I may have made a list or two in my head for the people I will be giving gifts to. So many wonderful options!