Harry Styles Vogue Cover


Photo courtesy of Vogue Magazine

Alanai Torrissi

This year has been a year full of surprises and controversies surrounding people on the internet. One revolving around Harry Styles and Candace Owens.  Back in November, Harry Styles took the world by storm by being the first male to ever appear alone on the cover of the American Vogue magazine. As fans were very excited and proud of the artist, this did not settle right for some and caused a huge controversy around the world.

On November 13th, Vogue published their newest magazine with something some people weren’t used to on the front. Not only was he the first male to appear solo on the magazine, but Harry Styles decided to make a choice on wearing a dress. Now you might think, good for him; he is showing his true authentic self, and he made history. But, for some people this was not okay. One of these people being Candace Owens. Candace Owens, a conservative author, took to Twitter belittling Harry on his decision. She also blamed society for making an “outright attack” on “manly men”. 

While fans were furious at Candace for berating Harry, they were also furious on how she was making the rest of the world feel. Fans would post on social media everywhere how they were disgusted with what Owens was saying. Humans are finally coming to a place in the world where people are feeling comfortable being themselves whether that is their gender, sexual preference, or race along with many other things. To most people, this felt like an attack to their personality. While fans were outraged with Candace and questioning what she said, she took back to twitter saying that she really did say and mean to “bring back manly men”. 

This response wasn’t taken lightly by others. As there were people who did agree with Candace, the majority of people did not. This caused other celebrities  to come out of their shell and back up Styles on his decision. Some even thanked him for making others feel safe with being themselves. Elijah Wood even corrected Owens when he tweeted, “I think you’ve missed the definition of what a man is. Masculinity alone doesn’t make a man”. 

If you are wondering if Harry Styles had anything to say about the backlash from others or from people praising him, all he did was post another fabulous picture from his shoot and caption it “bring back manly men.”