Is Lululemon Worth The Money?


Photo courtesy of Bloomberg

Maddie Zambrowicz

Lululemon is a very popular brand amongst all ages. They are known for their amazing quality workout clothes for example, their leggings. Despite their extremely high prices. They sell tops, bottoms, and accessories, and with every piece of clothing there are many different styles. Even though lululemon sells many different things, they are most known for their leggings. These leggings are amazing because you can wear them to work out. And  they are awesome  for everyday life. They go with every outfit, and the pants don’t fall down throughout the day. Some people are for it, and some people are against it considering 98 dollars is the lowest amount to pay for a pair of leggings. Does the quality outway the price? Or should the price send people away? 

Lululemon is an extremely strong business, but because of the coronavirus, a lot of stores suffered a slump in the year 2020. This year the store sales were down 17 percent, which may seem like a small amount, but that is a lot of money lost. The workers believe that the store was down in their sales because the inside store was closed for most of the year. Reporters from CNBC state, ¨ first-quarter sales decline of 17%, as its strong digital business wasn’t enough to offset the losses from its stores being temporarily shut due to the coronavirus pandemic¨. Considering there are many people that look at the online store and or go in the actual store and look at the price tag on a pair of leggings and walk out because they are too pricey. It is harder for lululemon because they can’t afford to shut down their in person store for their regular customers. Even though the regular customers would know their sizes so they would be able to order clothes online. Sometimes, you are not so quick to buy an item on the online store verus the in person store. 

Continuing on to lululemons sales being lower than normal, money was also tight this year in a lot of families. Some people that used to buy lululemon pretty often, may have had to cut back due to financial reasons. Yes clothes are a necessity to buy, but buying a single pair of leggings for 98 dollars is not necessary. On June 10th, 295 out of the 489 stores reopened for in-store business. The company is now doing better with the reopening of in person stores, but it is nothing compared with what it used to be. If somebody was in the middle of the pandemic, and had to choose what to spend your money on, is lululemon worth your money?

When Emily Ahearn, a Sophomore at TRHS, was asked if lululemon was worth her money she believes it is, but only for certain items. Her favorite lululemon item are the leggings in the style of aligns. Emily shops there pretty frequently.She says ¨I shop there whenever I go to the mall¨. Lastly, when asked if there are any other brands that are similar to lululemon but are cheaper and have better quality. Emily thinks, “ Aeries leggings are similar but I don’t think they’re better than lululemon¨.

Many people could argue that leggings are just leggings, Aeries, Amazon and Fabletics all seem the same. Amazon leggings are 20 dollars, fabletics leggings are $60, and lastly aeries leggings are also $60. Despite lululemons prices, as Emily Ahearn said, no other brand has better quality leggings than lululemon. Not everyone could agree that lululemons are worth their money, but Emily could argue that they are worth hers.

I love shopping at lululemon for their comfortable workout clothes. I  feel that the quality of the clothes is amazing. My favorite lululemon product is also the aligns because they are the softest leggings and fit amazingly. I do not shop there often because any clothes they sell there are a pretty big purchase, I shop there about every other month. I feel that there are many competing brands for lululemon. There are leggings on amazon that are almost the same thing as lululemon leggings, they are only 20 dollars but even though they are much cheaper, they couldn’t compare to the quality of lululemon because they don’t last as long. I am willing to save my money and make a few big purchases for great quality leggings than waste money on leggings that won’t last. 

People have many different opinions on this brand, many people think they are worth the money. But based on their sales it looks like many people are starting to disagree. How much are you willing to spend on a single pair of leggings? Do you think lululemon is worth you money? Because I would have to argue that lululemon is worth my money.