Super Nintendo World


Photo courtesy of Attractions Magazine

Chris Baldwin

A Super Nintendo World theme park is in the works and will open up on February 4th of 2021 in Universal Studios in Japan. Thankfully there will be a Super Nintendo World opening up in Orlando sometime after 2024.

According to, Super Nintendo World will have a lot of fun and cool attractions. Some of the attractions are a Mario themed cafe with a bunch of Mario restaurants and easter eggs all around it, a Mario Kart ride, and a Yoshi ride. 

Also according to, The Mario Kart ride will about a 5 minute long ride. Each cart seats four people and equips them with a VR headset to bring them into the world of Mario Kart. Each seat will also have a steering wheel so everyone gets a chance to drive. As the guest goes through the ride, you go through multiple different courses like under water, through lava, and the famous rainbow road. Yoshi’s adventure has people follow Yoshi through his journey to find his three colored eggs that he lost. This ride is also around five minutes and will be similar to the Mario Kart ride. 

One more exciting feature that this park will have is interactive bands so people can go on a Mario quest. The bands allow you to start and complete levels, compete with your friends and even beat bosses. As a Nintendo fan I am very excited for this park to be built and be released to the United States. 

Those are not the only things that will be at the park. There will be a variety of stores and shops to get merchandise and other items someone may need. According to, There will also be Bowser’s castle which is another themed adventure for guests to enjoy.