Don’t Be Shy, Show Your Ankles

Devon Simmons

One of the most revolutionary fashion movements of the early 2000s was the dominant coverage of ankles via mid calf socks. However, this style is beginning to fall by the wayside, as fashion shifts toward styles observed in the 1990s and various other generations of garb. Ankle socks are a very large part of this cultural reset. 

The midcalf revolution was surely a strange phase of fashion, because the invisible hand of trendiness had not yet his sights on a specific sock length. In the mid-late 2000s, Nike began to pour capital and resources into the production and branding of a specific style of sock called the Nike Elite, which showcased a very distinguished checked line running southbound from the top of the sock towards the heel. If I am remembering correctly, these socks went for around 12 big ones a couple. That is an arm and a leg for a pair of socks. However, to the rational consumer’s surprise, the socks boomed. To catch someone with exposed ankles was once in a blue moon. But this is all about to change. 

Nowadays, showing one’s ankle is a sign of uniqueness, progression, and swagger, which always precedes the wave of normality. According to one of Timberlane’s most stylish students, Cooper Kelley, “Ankle socks are in, let me tell you. You only know the measure of a man once you know that he is sure enough with himself to expose his ankle-bones to the world, full of pride in his own self.”

Just know that the height of his sock does not determine a man’s value, his worth is determined by the way he wears his socks.