Jake Paul and Nate Robinson


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On Saturday, November 28th, a boxing match between  former NBA player Nate Robinson and Youtube sensation Jake Paul ended in the second round  as Jake Pual caught Nate Robinson with a huge punch with his right hand sending him straight to the floor. The fight that took place in Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, was an undercard fight that was very entertaining. 


There was a lot of hype leading up to this event as  both opponents talked a lot of “smack” through the media to one another. “I’m going to feel bad for  his kids when I knock him out,” said Jake Paul in a press conference with the media a few nights  prior to the fight.


This fight meant a lot to both fighters. On Twitter,  Nate wrote, “Tonight I’m fighting for my brothers in the NBA, athletes across the world, and most importantly my children.” Jake Paul told CNN reporters, “I’ve committed this last year of my life into this sport and match.” 


The fight was scheduled as one of the undercards for the Mike Tyson and Roy Jones fight. With both fighters having their own advantages and skills, with Jake Paul having sixe and reach where Robinson had speed and endurance,  the fight was measured out to be pretty even. Not even through two rounds, Jake Paul had thrown  and connected with double the punches Robinson had according to the Sporting News website. Not much longer after that, he connected  with a strong right and sent Nate to the ground and left the three time NBA dunk champion unconscious.


This had many people shocked, and athletes and celebrities  took to social media minutes after the fight. Many athletes even bashed on Nate’s performance. NBA  player Nick Young tweeted, “That was no representation of the NBA Family.” Others were more  conscientious like Trae Young as he tweeted, “still a three time dunk champion.” 


As this was all happening, the victor Jake Paul  was interviewed. Jake Paul’s confidence was high after his victory as he said he wanted to take  on Connor McGregor, KSI, and other professional boxers. This has led to,” a lot of drama  in the boxing world,” says MTV. 


During an interview with TMZ Sports, Jake Paul showed sportsmanship when saying “Nate Robinson is a legend” and that “No one should be coming  and hating on him.” Robinson responded to the fight by thanking all his brothers  who supported him through this whole process. He later posted on Instagram saying, “We’re going to come back even better.”


The match payouts were only $600 each because it was an undercard bout but they will get much more in endorsements from the PPV and advertisements throughout the night. This tells you they were not just fighting for the money.


As Nate Robinson recovers from his injuries and tries to redeem his legacy, Jake Paul is already talking about proceeding a professional boxing career. The undefeated boxer has high praise about himself and his abilities moving forward.