When Life Gives You Lemons Go to Lululemon


Photo Courtesy of Lululemon

Aryana Anthony

Want to empty your bank account? You are in the right place, my friend. The store Lululemon is a favorite to many. The founder, Chip Wilson, from Vancouver, Canada started this company in 1998. This yoga-inspired studio started off small. Then got its own store in 2000 on West 4th Avenue Vancouver. It soon became popular and well known in 2007. This means it was game over for everyone’s bank account, including mine.

This apparel store is filled with the most stylish and modest workout clothes. Some may not even say it is workout apparel and wear it as casual attire. For myself, I am obsessed with all of their collections of clothing from leggings, sweatshirts, zip-ups, shorts, jackets, and joggers. On every clothing, there is the famous logo, the omega sign. Not only do the clothes have a good vibe, the store itself and employees are great. Every time I walk into the store I feel very relaxed and bright. To get a better insight into the store’s products if you have never purchased anything this is for you. I asked people what they think about Lululemon.

When most people think of this store they automatically think of the famous leggings. These leggings are legendary and have so much clout. There are two sides to this product. Either people love them or cannot stand the sight of them. I asked people to tell me what side they are on about the leggings. The cousin of Monica Bajgrowicz, Emily Damico said and I quote, ¨The leggings make me feel confident in myself compared to other leggings because they were see through¨. A student Sydney Monahan also said ¨It stays up on my waist which is very convenient compared to previous leggings I owned. I had to roll them up so they did not slip down¨. Another comment that STUCO President Maria Heim said that many others agreed on was, “The fabric is extremely soft and is of excellent quality.”

Some other invested customers also told me what their favorite apparel is other than the leggings. Student Emma Antkowiak who also hosts the podcast Young, Dumb, and Opinionated said, ¨I personally like the jackets because they are cute and can be used for active use¨. A customer who is also obsessed with the apparel store almost as much s me student Billy Savage who recently committed to Le Moyne College for Lacrosse said, ¨I love everything in the store because it is comfortable¨. Another student who I already mentioned, Maria Heim, said, “The shirts, tops, and sportswear for women is amazing!¨

I also asked the same group of people what they do not like about the store to show the downside. Fellow journalism student, Ari Mazur said, ¨It is too expensive in my opinion and I have a headband and it was very pricey¨. A comment about the leggings from Sydney Monahan is, ¨The legging is very easy to be pulled and $98 for a pair of leggings is mind blowing¨. Not only does the price make it not likable but apparently the employees are not peoples favorite. Student Maggie McCormick said, ¨The people that work there all generally all one body type and very judgmental in my opinion.¨

Now that we have heard from both sides about price, good quality, and experience is this a store you might want to visit? If so contact me because I make an appearance here and there.