Tutoring at Timberlane

Cailyn Bourque

Timberlane offers all kinds of resources for its students who need help, even throughout the pandemic and for all remote students.  Timberlane students are good at lending a helping hand and asking for help when needed.  We have tutors and lots of teachers willing to help when they can.  

No matter what, there is always someone to help you.  Never feel like you cannot get help.  There is always help.  Reaching out to my guidance counselor is very helpful and if you need to talk to someone about school, you should too.  Do not wait until you are so lost until you reach out.  I struggle with math as do a lot of students.  Speak to your guidance counselor about what you are struggling in and they will find a tutor that can help you.

I have zoom meetings with Ms.Stoodley for help.  She is also in school during the week, Mrs. Stoodley is the varsity girls volleyball coach. She is only one great teacher at Timberlane.  As a student at TRHS you gain teachers every year that you love and understand the way they teach more thoroughly.  Teachers from my previous years at Timberlane are always telling me to go see them if I need help.  Mr. Shivell said, “Come and see me if you need help in math”.  I was expressing to him how I had no idea what my math class was doing.

Get help, zoom with a tutor, go see a teacher at TRHS, talk to your counselor, zoom with a teacher.  There is help for you, any class you are in.  SPEAK UP.