The Timberlane Regional High School Chess Club can be described as a motley crew full of the most cold-blooded players around. The founders of the club, Bob Olson and Devon Simmons, had their eyes on the unification of chess players through the frequent gathering of players once a week. Starting in February of 2020, the Chess Club has been a mainstay of new-school TRHS culture, garnering school wide attention right off of its racing blocks. Unfortunately, the infiltration of COVID-19 put a hamper on the future of the Chess Club, putting a stop to meetings as of March 2020.


Members of Chess Club are some diehard dudes. They love to come to meetings ready to play, no messing around. Yet, at the same time, there is no group of chess players that love a good giggle more than the Timberlane Chess Club. Returning senior member, Alex Braga, has this to say about the club, “ I love Chess Club! There’s nothing like it at Timberlane. A place where I can play chess competitively, but also crack some jokes and pull some legs with my guys.” The duality of intensity and playfulness among the comradeship is what makes the Chess Club such a wondrous group that appeals to and welcomes all factions of humanity.


As of right now, the future of Chess Club is unsure. COVID-19 has put a stop to Chess Club activity, and there is no foreseeable date where a return to action would be possible. With that, combined with the nearing departure of founders Devon Simmons and Bob Olson through graduation, there is no guarantee that Chess Club will survive. However, if any new opportunities to meet arise, or if leadership lands in the right hands, hope may lie on the horizon for Chess Club.