Senior Sports

Alanai Torrissi

Sports is a very weird time when it comes to Seniors. They are excited for what the future holds but sad that the sports they have been doing is coming to an end. Most students have been playing some of these sports for most of their lives and will not continue to do so once their season has ended. As this is already a very sad time for most students, it is harder as the uncertainty of what the future holds with Covid-19. Not knowing if they will even end up having a season.

Emotions are all over the place for different athletes, when it comes to how students are feeling about this year. Senior field hockey player Averie Bowman says, “It’s disappointing compared to past sports seasons but everyone is working to make it the best they can under the circumstances.”  Field hockey had a hard start to the season having to take a break, but they came back stronger then ever. They made it into the semi finals and worked hard as a team. They even did team zoom calls to help with team bonding.

Senior cheerleader Melanie Marino stated about this year, “ it’s definitely adjusted with a lot of restrictions.” Cheerleading is having a lot of new restrictions than there has been in previous years. First of all, there are not many people in the crowd to cheer for as there are only two guests able to go with the athletes. There also isn’t any certainty with games. Cheerleaders normally go to every football game with the football player’s but this year every school has to allow the cheerleaders to go. With uncertainty with the virus and not wanting to affect anyone, some schools have not let the cheerleaders join. 

All athletes are trying the best they can to stay positive during this frustrating time. Senior baseball player and assistant football coach,  Zach Gleason said, “knowing it is my last year playing high school sports, it’s tough to really complain about the protocols that we have to follow. Obviously it’s not ideal,but I’m very happy we’ve been able to play and everything has been going pretty good so far. Hopefully we can all stay healthy so we can play winter and spring sports too.” Winter and Spring sports have been a topic on a lot of multi-season athletes’ minds. Although they are thankful that they got a fall season, some of their favorite sports are in the others. It’s like an anxious waiting game , and now we just need to know the results. 

Senior sports, not just for seniors but every athlete, is definitely looking different this year then most, but this year is going to be one that athletes will never forget.