Seniors Applying to College

Kerry Gannon

For seniors applying to college can be extremely stressful, and Covid has made the process so much more difficult. Seniors have to choose schools that are right for them that they could see themselves going to. They then have to worry about making sure their applications are ready to submit. Once they submit their applications they start worrying about whether or not they will get accepted. They feel hopeless as they are waiting to hear back from the colleges and Universities. Seniors start questioning all the decisions they have made and then stress that maybe their grades and test scores could have been better.

Covid-19 made the process of applying to college much more difficult. Seniors are applying to colleges that they have not even had the opportunity to visit in person. Senior Lauren Oliver said, “How am I supposed to decide to go to a college that I haven’t even been to yet.” Due to this pandemic, colleges stopped allowing students to visit their campuses to see if it was a place that they could see themselves going. Students will possibly be attending schools that they have never stepped foot on. The majority of colleges and universities started having virtual tours. However this is not the same,  you can not get that feeling about a school from behind a computer screen. Although this allows students to have some idea of what the schools are like that they may be interested in. 

Seniors applying to college during Covid are also nervous about what college will look like for them next year. Will classes be remote on campus, or will it be fully remote and students aren’t allowed on campus, or will it be on the way back to normal. Currently there are many schools who have the majority of their students on campus. However for a lot of these schools students classes are remote and there are very strict safety guidelines that have been put into place. Unfortunately there are some schools that are fully remote this semester and haven’t announced their plans for the spring. No one knows what it will look like yet, and this makes it much more difficult for seniors applying to college. Seniors want to make sure that it is worth it and that they are not wasting their time and money. Seniors want to apply to schools that are most likely to be open next year and that are on their way back to normal. 

Covid-19 has made the process of applying to college for seniors much more difficult than it already is. Seniors are just trying to find the best in some very challenging situations.