Is This The End?


Photo Courtesy of Associated Press

Alex Cazmay

Coronavirus has once again ruined our lives. Students and staff will be going fully remote at Timberlane starting November 6th. The Rockingham County COVID-19 numbers have increased causing the school to make this transition. Fortunately, Timberlane faculty and students are prepared and ready for any unexpected changes.

Superintendent Brian Cochrane emailed parents on Sunday, November 1st. He stated “As you may be aware, the Rockingham County COVID infection rate fluctuated just above and below the TRSD COVID metric threshold for several days last week before increasing significantly over the last few days… “As a result, I am contacting you to inform you that the Timberlane Regional School District will be moving to fully remote mode beginning Friday, Nov. 6.” The COVID-19 numbers have recently spiked not only in Rockingham County but in the entire U.S. Cochrane is taking precautions before the virus spreads to people within the school district.

Seniors, specifically, are going to be greatly affected by this. As college deadlines are approaching some students will have a more difficult time coming in contact with their guidance counselors. Their last year of high school will probably never be “normal”.  One senior in particular, Ari Mazur, commented that “I know many students including seniors are heartbroken seeing that their past year and current senior year are slowly getting taken away from them including myself.” With this negative situation Mazur positively says, “But the most important thing right now is our health and safety and the school is doing what is best for our community. Staying positive and being there for one another is what’ll get us through this hard time.” 

Already, Timberlane has announced that the numbers are back down and we will NOT be going fully remote. Though this is relieving, we should not get too comfortable. The winter season is coming; along with the flu and cold season. We need to stay prepared for anything at this point and be understanding. 

The change to fully remote learning should not be too drastic considering Timberlane has already practiced this model. It is upsetting to lose in person class time and no interactions with the entire class. With the support of each other, Timberlane will get through this by keeping everyone safe during this period.