Russian Retreats From Key City in Southern Ukraine



Photo Courtesy of Vadim Ghirda

Aiden Errico

Thursday, February 24 2022 – shocked the world when Russian forces stormed into Ukraine. Nearly a year later and 15,246 civilian deaths later, Russian forces retreated from Kherson. Kherson, a key city in south Ukraine has been occupied since March 2nd, 2022.  This marks yet another embarrassing loss, that is only exemplified by Putin’s recent announcement to his commitment for the “Forever” annexation of the Kherson region. 

Wednesday, November 9th 2022 – Putin ordered Russian forces to retreat from the city of Kherson. Defense minister Sergei Shoigu ordered the withdrawal of troops across the Dnieper River, where they will take up defensive positions. Russian forces tried to slow the advance of Ukraine forces by destroying nearby bridges to slow their advance. Ukraine officials have commented on this saying Ukrainian officials and local residents said that at least four bridges had been blown up on Wednesday to slow the Ukrainian advance. Among these was the Dariivka bridge, the only crossing across the Inhulets river in the Russian-occupied western-bank part of Kherson oblast. 

All of this comes only hours after a Russian installed official, Kirill Stremousuv, dies in a car crash. It is unclear if this car crash was a planned assassination or just a normal car crash. Stremousuv has been very vocal, often creating videos or social media postings in support of Russia and its forces.  

Russia has been relocating civilians in Kherson to another location, as Ukrainian forces approach the city. It has been reported that civilian ferries used for evacuation have been sunk. 

It is still unclear what the result of this war will be but, it is clear that the loss of life and destruction of Ukraine will severely affect the country for the foreseeable future.