Why is the iPhone the best Phone?


photo courtesy of Tom’s Guide

Taylor Holt

If you are looking to buy a new phone and do not know where to look, then look at the Apple iPhone. The iPhone is the best phone you can choose compared to other phone brands like Android, Samsung, Google Pixel. The iPhone comes out with new versions every few years that exceed all of the other phones out there. In addition, cases for the phones have way more options because most of the world carries an iPhone. But, let me go deeper into the true reasons you should choose Apple iPhone.

The Apple iPhone’s newest model currently is the iPhone 13 Pro Max, 13, and 13 Pro. I currently have the iPhone 13 Pro Max and it has amazed me with the three-lens camera and creates amazing pictures. According to Macrumors.com and the Apple website, “the iPhone 13 Pro max has a display size of 6.7 inches and the regular 13 has a display size of 6.1 inches.” The huge displays of each iPhone help you have a smoother experience on the web and have amazing pixel quality. They also have a feature on the camera that allows you to go up to two centimeters close to any object and get an insanely clear picture and this feature is only available on the iphone.

According to Tom’s Guide ,which rates all phones, and they rated the iPhone 13 Pro Max five stars. They stated, “The iPhone 13 Pro Max’s stellar cameras, 120Hz ProMotion display and longer battery life add up to a practically perfect phone in our testing. The charging could be faster and Touch ID would be nice, but overall this is a beast that can’t be beat.” Although they rated the iPhone five stars they also said the cons which stated “Could use faster charging, and Cinematic mode capped at 1080p”. Tom’s Guide proves an unbiased opinion that still favored the iPhone after reviewing everything about it.

Overall the iPhone is the best phone to choose out there. And statistics help prove that; according to statisa.com the iPhone 13 pro max compared to the Android Galaxy s22 Ultra was favored by 1,734 people versus 1,081 people for the Galaxy. If you are choosing a phone and don’t know where to look choose the new Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.