How to improve your music taste

Sean Chanakira

Many people are very opinionated when it comes to music. Some people will only listen to one genre. There is nothing wrong with that, but listening to a wide variety of music can be good for when it comes to meet new people or even conversation starters

How you can start experimenting with new music is on many music apps like spotify, soundcloud, amazon music, and many more. It will play similar songs after a song so you can find new artists like that. Many apps also will have a weekly playlist exposing you to new music.

You could also find new genres of music but more mainstream meaning it is more popular and the normal in that genre. Artists have a discography on most apps showing their most popular songs and streamed songs. Then you can listen to more of the artist’s music if you like. You can even find similar artists suggested by the app being used.

Hip-hop music is the most popular genre of music so if you need to expand your listening to hip-hop there will be many things you can do to listen to this.

That is a little way to grow your music. Just be open minded when it comes to finding and listening to new music. You will always find something new to listen to and that you will enjoy. There is so much music out there. To me, expanding to r&b and rap is your best bet. Our generation knows lots of music and that is what we listen to with a wide range of different types of music.