Is this the Best Place to Bowl?

Emily Hatt

Wamesit Lanes in Tewksbury, Massachusetts features thirty six bowling lanes. There is candlepin and tenpin bowling available. According to their website, “All bowling lanes feature modern big screens playing music videos, sports, and more. And there are bumpers for the children.” This allows it to be fun for everyone. Each lane has its own seating area with couches to sit on while you are waiting for your turn. They also have food and drinks available at any time you are bowling. There are servers that come around to each lane and can take your order.


The lanes automatically count the number of pins knocked down, so there is no need to count and enter the amount yourself. It goes into their computer system, and then it goes to the next player’s turn. There can be up to six players per lane. The lanes are rented by hour and prices range from $26 to $38 per hour depending on the time. A VIP room can be reserved for $40 to $60 per lane. It is more private and typically used for larger groups. On the weekends, they cost the most because those are the peak hours that people visit. The hours of Wamesit Lanes are 4pm to 11pm during the week, and 12pm to 12am on the weekends. 


We went on a Saturday night at around eight oclock at night. Those were during the prime hours so the lane was $38. It was split between four of us, so it was not a bad price at all. We did have to wait about an hour, but we left and got food during that time. We played three games in the hour that we rented the lane for. There was a dj that was playing music, and trying to do interactive things with people on certain lanes. It was also glow bowling. I had a lot of fun and I feel like an hour is plenty of time to get a good amount of bowling in.


They offer a variety of things to do, not just bowling. They have an arcade that features sixty different games. They have Wamesit fun cards, and if you buy a certain amount of credits, bonus credits are added to your card. If you buy 100 credits, you get a $5 bonus, for 200 credits you get a $15 bonus, and if you buy 400 credits you get $35 in bonus. They just added three new games. The “‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ by Raw Thrills is a completely new 4 player action/adventure amusement game inspired by the arcade classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time.” They added a virtual reality machine based on rabbits. The third game they put in is a connect four basketball game. 


At the arcade my friends and I bought $25 worth of credits, so we got $5 extra. We were able to play lots of different arcade games, with my favorite being the connect four basketball game. My friends and I competed to see who could win. It was very fun, and we all enjoyed it a lot. We played many other games including car racing, whack a mole, and a clown game. At the end we bought candy with our tickets. There were a variety of prizes available to buy with your tickets. 


They have five golf simulators that use technology to simulate a real golf course. On their website they state that it is the most advanced golf simulator in New England, and “The Full Swing Golf patented Infrared tracking system actually measures the golf ball’s speed, launch angle and direction at the speed of light. No other measurement device technology can measure these ball-flight characteristics more accurately or rapidly… period.” The space has its own bar, and the simulators can be booked online. They also have golf leagues available that meet once a week, and play in a tournament at the end of the season. 


In the facility there is a restaurant called the FireWater Tavern. They offer a wide variety of foods on their menu, with average prices in comparison to other restaurants.We did not try the restaurant, but there was an hour and a half wait, so a lot of people must enjoy it.  In addition, they have an outdoor patio that is open seasonally. On the patio, they offer giant Connect 4, chess, checkers, and Jenga. On their website it says they “host a variety of seasonal events and live entertainment after dark such as dueling pianos, BBQ’s, Fire Dancing, Movies, and more!” The full menu to the FireWater Tavern is available to be ordered while sitting at the tables on the patio. 

Ashley Hatt, a Timberlane student who has been to Wamesit Lanes says, “I had so much fun. There was so much to do. My only problem was that the pins cleared super slow, making it waste a lot of time. The wait to get a bowling lane was also an hour. Other than that, I had an amazing time and would recommend it to anyone.” On Google, it has 4.2 stars with 632 reviews. One reviewer, Luchen Zhang says, “BEST BEST BEST bowling place I have ever been to!!! The facility is pretty new and stylish. They even have bumpers on the lane for beginners like me. The food and drink is also great! The staff is also very kind and helpful.” She gave it five stars. As you can see, Wamesit Lanes is loved by many people. It is very updated and people have a lot of fun.