If You Ain’t Walmart-Croccin’, You Ain’t Rockin


Photo courtesy of Landis Nadeau

Taylor Dionne

The Students at Timberlane High School never fail to create new and surprising fashion trends. Most recently, many students have decided that the Walmart-brand Crocs, also known as the Eva Clog, are the new wave. What started as one student wearing this shoe has now spread to multiple students like a virus, and you can expect to frequently see these specific shoes as you are walking through the Timberlane halls. This article will cover an in-depth review of the fascination with the infamous Time and Tru Women’s Eva Clog, the stylistic pairings the shoes can be used in, and the reasons these shoes have become such a staple.

Fashionista and athlete, Lauren Hayes, is frequently looking for hot new fashion trends that are stylish but also provide ease and comfort. Because Lauren is always on the lookout for a fashionable yet comfortable shoe that can be slipped on before and after sports practices or games, she has taken lots of time and consideration on her final verdict of the Walmart-Croc. “Not going to lie, a lot of trends these days have a hint of ugly to them. With that said, they’re definitely a hot trend going around Timberlane. I love Crocs; they are so comfortable and easy to put on, so I’d say that the Eva Clog is for sure a hot trend.”

Those who have taken the Walmart-Croc trend by storm have found many different ways to style the shoe. What many know as the “Jibbit”, a charm that can be stuck into holes in the Croc to add style and personality to the shoe, are playing a major role in the ongoing Eva Clog trend as well. Along with the off-brand Croc, Eva Clog wearer Ethan Stewart has found some great off-brand Jibbitz that he and his friends use to personalize their clogs. “I love adding Jibbitz, they make it so customizable. My friends and I all have matching Among Us ones, and it’s really fun to match with them and trade Jibbitz too”. Adding your own personal touch to the simplistic white shoe that is the Eva Clog is essential to making the shoe fit your personality.

A question that many have brought up in this ongoing Eva Clog trend is what draws in the attraction to them? The Eva Clog has an unusual look to it, which makes many wonder why that is the current shoe style of choice. Eva Clog stylist Cooper Kelley has found a deeper meaning in the importance of wearing the shoe. “I didn’t find out until recently that the Walmart Crocs that I know and love so much are actually a women’s shoe, and now I feel like I am breaking gender norms by wearing them. It really shows that there’s more to the Eva Clog than people think”.

Crocs have been a fan favorite for many years. Many have their first pair as small children, because they are durable and come in many fun colors and styles. With the new Eva Clogs taking Timberlane by storm, a question that has been circulating is how do the Walmart-brand Crocs compare to the OG Crocs? Avid Croc-wearer Dominic Pallaria has given us the inside scoop on how great these off-brand shoes really are. (Insert quote from Dom)

We’ve seen how Crocs have not seemed to go out of trend in the many years that they have been around. Because of the way the students of Timberlane are raving about the known and loved Eva Clog from Walmart, which makes it easy to infer that these shoes won’t be going out of style any time soon. The low price tag of the Eva Clog is a great way to allow many students to participate in this ongoing trend, and these shoes can be yours for a small purchase of $9.98, in comparison to the hefty $50 price of authentic Crocs. All in all, the Eva Clog will not be going out of style any time soon.