Climate change affecting foliage

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Grace Pascucci

Climate change is something that has been going on for a long time, and it is now starting to make noticeable changes in our day to day weather and climate. With the increasing temperature, it is changing the time the colder seasons like fall and winter would normally arrive. Although there is some fall foliage, according to students from Appalachian State University there is not nearly as much as there could be, and this is happening due to the weather not becoming as cold and dry, to give the trees the weather they need to create our fall foliage. 

More studies from Appalachian State University says that, “climate change can affect many aspects of the season and weather such as causing, higher temperatures, altered amounts of precipitation and humidity, and a possibility of increased growing season that comes with displacement of the foliage.”  Although this may sound like it does not have a big impact on the population other than the trees and weather being different, The department of Biology from ASU has said the weather difference can impact our growing seasons for crops and other resources if it were to get worse. On top of that, it’s been reported by ASU that 2021 is one of the last years where we can actually do something about climate change. If not the weather change could cause more rapid and intense storms, floods, and other weather emergencies. So if we don’t act on this soon, we eventually won’t be able to.

To get more into why this is happening, according to the EPA, it is because more CO2 is being put into our atmosphere from all the burning fossil fuels factories produce. Fossil fuels are biological materials such as coal, natural gasses, and oil that are burned, and the fuels left over are put into our atmosphere. This practice is thoroughly  affecting our ozone layer, and is causing the increasing temperatures and precipitation. According to the Acadiana news channel, “Higher air temperatures cause the atmosphere to hold more water vapor, leading to more rain in areas.”  So short term,  if it keeps increasing over time our winter season will become significantly shorter and eventually non existent if we don’t find a way to stop it, as stated by Acadiana news . Scientists have done much research in ways we can slow down or even stop the process of climate change. According to NRDC, The world population could potentially do this by cutting down on the mass amounts of pollution our world creates, as well as trying to create more renewable energy sources.

Overall, our society has done a lot of damage to the environment and it’s finally starting to have an effect on us. At one point or another something has to be done to slow down or stop climate change. If our world does not act on the issues we’ve created, eventually there will be nothing we can do. So, hopefully soon we will be able to create better ways to live and reduce climate change, because if we don’t do something soon the leaves won’t be the only thing affected.