September Beard of the Month


Photo courtesy of Cole Newman

Cole Newman and Bryce Parker

The decision to grow a beard is a serious commitment that cannot be taken on by just anybody. The ability to grow a beard is mostly genetic, but a person’s grooming choices can make or break the style of their facial hair. Many impressive beards can be seen walking around the hallways of Timberlane Regional High School, but after careful consideration we decided to declare one beard a cut above the rest.

After researching the ideal male beard on different men’s health and grooming websites,, we decided that the beards of Timberlane were to be judged based on four main criteria. These criteria were the fullness, length, style, and cleanliness of the beard. After examining the hallways of Timberlane, the competition for the most sensational beard of the month was narrowed down to six primary candidates. However it was blatantly clear to us that one beard was simply better than the rest, and that beard belongs to Junior Niko Langlois. 

 We asked Niko what his daily grooming routine is and he said, “I use a vibrating razor up the sides with no attachments and then I switch over to a 3 to go over the whole beard to smooth it out.” Shockingly, Niko claims that he uses no products for his beard. When asked if he had any advice for aspiring beard growers, Niko had this advice to give, “Just let it grow man.” Lastly, when asked how it felt to be recognized as the first beard of the month, Niko said, “It feels great, I worked very hard for this beard.” Niko truly exemplifies how good grooming habits and commitment can help you grow the ideal beard.

As beards change throughout the seasons, so will the criteria they are judged on. It takes a combination of good genetics, a dedication to grooming, and solid hygiene to maintain an excellent beard. We hope to start the tradition of beard of the month to promote stylish and healthy facial hair in the high school, and to provide some motivation to any aspiring beard growers out there.