Panera Bread Pizza Review

Michael Hollow

Panera is widely known for their soups, salads, and their amazing bread. For years, these have been their go to menu items, and people are usually more than happy with these delicious meals. Panera generally adds more items every few months to their menu, which can sometimes go unnoticed. Items like a different sandwich or maybe a different variation of the mac and cheese. After adding many regular items to the menu Panera decided to do something different. They added flatbread pizza.


According to CNBC, Panera added the flatbread pizza, because they are responding to the shift of people eating more items at home rather than in the restaurant. They also tested the item last year and it did well in most areas. The release of the flatbread pizza has people raving and surprised that they would ever serve something like this, according to a  Panera Facebook page. Panera does not strike customers as a restaurant that would serve any kind of pizza. The typical location does not remind me of any type of local or even corporate pizza place. Panera pizza isn’t a regular style pizza. It’s considered flatbread, which most of you know as pizza that’s just flatter and not as fulfilling in smaller portions. I’m willing to bet with good reviews and great sales Panera may add more pizzas to their menu.


Panera flatbread pizza is fairly new so therefore it only offers two types of flatbread pizzas. They are the pepperoni flatbread pizza and the four cheese flatbread pizza. The four cheese flatbread pizza is a combination of mozzarella, parmesan, fontina, and feta. It is topped with creamy white garlic sauce. This is my personal favorite of the two pizza options, and many others in my family can agree. Avid Panera customer Lily Hood says, ¨This pizza is delicious and I’m very happy Panera added this to their menu given there’s not that many flatbread pizza places around our area.¨


Panera’s flatbread pizza is also a great item on the menu because in our specific area there aren’t many flatbread pizza shops. You will have to cross the border to Massachusetts to find a flatbread pizza shop. Yes there are many pizza shops around, but they generally serve the more typical pizza style. Although there isn’t much competition for Panera’s flatbread pizza, I will say there is one negative side. That is the price of the flatbread pizza. They start at $8.19 . Panera is known for having somewhat more pricey items on their menu and their pizza definitely falls into that category. For the size of the pizza it’s definitely pricey. I think they could possibly make the pizza larger for the amount you spend on it.


Overall Panera’s flatbread pizza is a great new item to their menu. I hope they add different types soon. If you haven’t tried the flatbread pizza I would really suggest going to try it out. If you’re a fan of this style pizza you won’t be upset and maybe it’ll become one of your new go to pizzas. There’s plenty of Paneras around our area so it’ll be super easy to find a place to grab this awesome pizza.