Blinded By The Lights


Photo Courtesy of Pintrest

Jacy Lecain

There is much to do and see with Christmas around the corner. From baking cookies and drinking hot cocoa to hanging the stockings by the chimney, what is not to love? To many, the best part is the Christmas decorations. 

Families and friends pack into a car just to drive around to see the gleaming lights and air-filled Santas. Some houses have sparkling white lights that look so elegant and pristine. Others are decorated with colorful lights that glow endlessly. But with this topic comes a debate that has been ongoing for many years. Which is better, white or colored lights? 

Many argue that white lights have a cleaner look that showcases a house better. Others argue that colorful lights are truly the only ones that bring holiday cheer. I individually asked 25 people what their preference is on holiday lights. Colored lights were the most preferred with 11/25 people choosing that option. Only 9/25 people said white lights and 5/25 people said that they have no preference.

I had the honor of sitting down with Timberlane senior and track star Arianna Mazur to ask her opinion on the topic. She stated that she, “likes white lights for a Christmas tree but colored for outdoor decorations and activities. The white lights make the tree look cleaner and more together however the colored lights bring a certain sense of holiday joy.” 

Whatever side you fall on in this debate, I think we can all agree that what is most important is taking the time to appreciate the lights. I encourage you all to go out, drive around, and look at some lights. Happy Holidays!