Timberlane Gains Young Energy with New Economics and American Studies Teacher


Photo Courtesy of Dom Coppeta

Dom Coppeta and Owen Furlong

New teacher Tucker Jennison comes to Timberlane to teach Econ and assist another teacher in American Studies. He enjoys skateboarding for an activity outside of school which brings more young energy to Timberlane.  

This is his first year teaching with Timberlane and in general he  really enjoys it a lot. He came to Timberlane because the teachers and staff really get along with each other all around the school. He also stated that the kids in the building are overall a good group of people. Another reason why he chose Timberlane was he has a lot of connections in the building and they know his young personality would be a great fit for our school

¨I am from this area, I grew up in this tiny little town with no high school so I kind of town hopped a lot for school.”~ Mr. Jennison didn’t really talk about this much but to me it seems very difficult to move towns to go to High School. 

¨I went to school at University of New Hampshire¨ I think it’s interesting that Mr. Jennison grew up in New Hampshire and went to a local college.

¨I have only been teacher for about two years this is my first year official year teaching and I definitely like it.¨ I think it’s so interesting that Mr. Jennison chose Timberlane for his school to teach at

¨This year I’m teaching civics and econ, I teach U.S history as well I am also co teaching American Studies prior to this I mostly did world history which to be honest I prefer I think world history is more entertaining and I also worked at an ESOL class which is like an English second language course” Mr. Jennison really likes teaching world history over us history which I don’t think I agree on personally. 

Mr. Jennison also taught an English second language class which I think is super amazing that Mr. Jennison helped people learn and speak English as their second language.

We will see how Mr. Jennison likes his ´first year teaching and how he likes the environment at Timberlane. Go pay him a visit and see how he is enjoying his experience.

Towns Lived in 

  • Barrington NH
  • Durham NH
  • Dover NH