Will The Dance Team Season Be Saved?


Photo courtesy of the Timberlane Dance Team

Anna Gleckman

Unfortunately, this year the Timberlane dance team coaches had to step down from their roles because of not having time due to their jobs and the team was in need of a new coach. If they did not find a new coach soon they would not have a season this year. Thanks to Angie Gleckman, mom of Anna Gleckman, a senior on the team and Joann Brien, mom of Lily Brien, a sophomore on the team, the team was able to hold tryouts. The captains Abbey Miller and Olivia Buckley said how they felt about the new coaches. Abbey stated, “I am beyond grateful that these mothers decided to step up and help us out this year, because without them, there would be no TDT. It was stressful these past couple weeks not knowing if we could have coaches or be able to have a team this year”.


Olivia added, “I was nervous at first not having a coach in the beginning of the year. As much as I wanted to start the year, it was just not possible without the help from an adult. Thankfully, Angie Gleckman and Joann Brien have stepped in to be our coach and adviser for the year. I am so grateful for their willingness to help right away. It truly shows how dedicated and helpful the Timberlane community is. I know that this year for dance team will be amazing and I’m excited to have different perspectives influencing the team as a whole.”


Usually there are about sixteen to twenty girls on the team, and there are no cuts allowed since the team is considered a club. This year, since there wasn’t even a certainty of having a season or much advertisement, the team is a little smaller than usual. Tryouts were held last week on Wednesday and they went pretty well. Hopefully the dance team will have a good year performing at pep rally, Project Hope and basketball games with the new coaches.