Is Lululemon worth it?

Breeze Dennis

Could you imagine spending $100 dollars on leggings? Many people do it. Some people argue over whether Lululemon products are worth the money. As seen on the website, Lululemon sells workout clothes such as leggings, shorts, joggers, long sleeves, short sleeves, tank tops, and other work out items such as water bottles, yoga mats, bags. Their products are known to last very long and be durable for workouts. They have different lines of clothing with different materials with different purposes. Although they are made for workouts, many people wear Lululemon for comfort. 


They have a product called Align leggings which are used more as comfortable leggings rather than for a workout. They have another line called wunder under and wunder train which are meant for more workouts. However, the real argument here is, no matter how comfortable they are, why should you spend that much money on workout/cpomfort clothes? Their leggings can range from $88-$128. Their shorts range from $58-$78. Their workout tops range from $48-$78. Some people think it is worth it and others say it is a waste. Chloe Saulnier, a customer of Arie, says that aerie is a great alterenaitive for Lululemon. In my experience, aerie leggings are much more affordable but not at all as durable. They lose their elasticity very fast, resulting in always needing to replace them. So in the end, the money from buying more Arie adds up to more than Lululemon leggings. 


Some say another option that is a cheaper alternative for Lululemon leggings are Yogalicious. However, according to Emily Hatt, “They are more price efficient but are not at all comfortable or durible.” They seem to run small with their sizing which can be very frustrating. Lululemon sizing is perfect and they have a very big variety for all shapes and sizes. 


Another experience of mine that proves a great point of why Lululemon is so worth it is that, if your leggings ever pull or have any damage, you can bring them back to the store, they allow you to exchange them. They do this because their clothes are supposed to be extremely durable. So, if there is any situation where they somehow weren’t, they take the responsibility. So in the end, Lululemon leggings are definitely worth it.