Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate


Image courtesy of Dunkin Donuts

Sydney Monahan

It is a cold winter day here in New England. You have gotten into your freezing car after just finishing a shift at work. It takes about 10 minutes for the car to heat up fully, so you usually just sit there freezing, waiting for the heat to return to your hands and feet. However, there is a Dunkin’ Donuts very close by. There are actually many Dunkin Donuts surrounding your area. You make the right choice to go and order a hot chocolate to warm yourself up. It’s the perfect drink in taste and in functionality for the tough winters we face in New England. 

Dunkin’ Donuts has always been considered a top fast food chain here in New England and especially New Hampshire. There are about 4,200 Dunkin’ Donuts stores spread all across New England, according to The Guardian. One of the best, and my personal favorite, things to get is the hot chocolate. Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolate is not just any ordinary hot chocolate, it is the creamiest hot chocolate you will ever find. They add the perfect amount of water to milk ratio that makes the flavor so amazing. 

There are many other ways to get or make hot chocolate. You can make it at home with a Swiss Miss packet or grab it from any local coffee shop like Starbucks or Aroma Joeś. However Dunkin’ Donuts is superior to all of those. Timberlane student Skye Priest says, ¨Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate is way better than starbucks or any other stores. It is a perfect taste you can’t get anywhere else.¨ 

Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolate comes in five different flavors, according to their website. Those flavors are Original, Salted Caramel, Mint, Oreo, and Espresso. My personal favorite flavor is original hot chocolate. However many people would disagree like Monica Bagjrowicz and Aryana Anthony. Both seniors at Timberlane High School state that salted caramel is the best hot chocolate flavor at Dunkin’ donuts. They said, “ I would get it 7 out of the 7 days of the week if I had the money”. 

Another senior at Timberlane decided to share her opinion on the hot chocolate at Dunkin Donuts. Emma Antkowiak said this about Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate, “The hot chocolate at Dunkin Donuts has the perfect mixture of cream and chocolatey flavor that makes it perfect.” 

You heard it here folks. If you’re ever cold or just need a pick me up, i seriously recommend stopping at your local Dunkin Donuts and purchasing a hot chocolate of your choice. It may just turn your day right around!