Covid’s Effect on Thanksgiving and Trick or Treat

Tyler Charest

Covid has affected many different things since march. Covid effect on holidays will be no different. With the start of the long holiday season that starts with halloween, we are starting to see the changes from past years. All four towns in the Timberlane district did decid  to have trick or treat amd it went great. This year’s trick or treat was not like other years. Towns were asking people to stay six feet apart and social distance as well as wear a mask. With the added risk this year there were not as many trick or treaters on the streets. Many homeowners set up different systems for kids to trick ot treat a popular one was to have the candy at the end of the driveway with it all spread out so kids were not touching all of the candy.My sister Emily who went trick or treating and she said that she still had fun, And everyone was in a good mood.

The next holiday coming up is Thanksgiving. Like Halloween it is still going to go on but it is going to be different. You may not see family that lives far away, And you could be sitting far away from family at the dinner table. It is still not recommended to not have large gatherings. So this year there may be alot of single family gatherings and you could zoom with other family members who are not going to travel. Due to social distancing, Families may have to plan out their shopping in advance. Because there is only a certain amount of people allowed in stores at once. As most know the day after Thanksgiving is black friday. 

On black friday there are very large groups in stores which will not be allowed this year due to covid 19 and the restrictions. On black friday this year there will not be rules such as only a certain people allowes in the stores and you will have to wear maskes in all the stores. There will be less people shopping indoors and more people online. Best buy and walmart says they are closed on Thanksgiving this year. And are encouraging people to stay home on Black friday.